Imagine, for a moment, woke up without design. This is the starting point from Xavier Majoral‘s speech, partner and business designer of stimulo.

people will self print their own products at home? Or will be a trop of creative  robots, machine learning, to replace us? It seems that as designers we will need to stack close to end users and accompany them in the decision design process, trough multiple iterations in different phases of conceptualisation, development and industrialisation stages.

The day has taken place in the CEDICO building of the PCiTAL, where stimulo presented the paper “The day the world woke up without design”, which explained that “We not only design components or products that are easy to manufacture and assemble. Product design focuses on the entire life cycle, from concept to manufacturing, maintenance and repair, to the end of its useful life.”

Majoral also indicated that legislative changes, new materials and processes, such as the production of additive layers (or 3D printing), “open new freedoms and create new design rules. Therefore, we are talking about more holistic and empathetic solutions, focused on the user’s experience. ”

Thanks to Parque Científico y Tecnológico Agroalimentario de Lleida (PCiTAL) to hold the 3rd session of 3D printing sobre for professionals, included in the Volumen project, y organized by Google Developer Group Lleida (GDG Lleida), the company INTECH3D and Centre Europeu d’Empreses i Innovació (CEEILleida).

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