Design for China

Connecting East and West.

Even if we decided to set up our studio nearby Barcelona, Stimulo was born between China, Australia and UK. In 2010 we decided to open our second office in Guangzhou, where we’ve got a team of professionals and a large network of partners to help you succeed in China.


Chinese Market Research

This tool gives you an instant picture of your direct competitors in China,
which are their products, which are their main features, and how much they cost. This information also allows us to depict positioning maps to understand where your competitors are located, and where you want to place your new product.


Chinese Market Strategy

During this phase will find relevant and valuable information to define your product strategy in China. This market report includes prices, product segmentation, distribution channels, analysis of different points of sale, main features of the most successful products
as well as the key players in your market.


User Research

All the products we create are going to be used (and purchased) by people. Analysing and identifying people’s needs is the only way to create value for them. It is easy to say, but a bit more complicated to do it properly. That’s why we created our own methodology that helps the team navigate inside user’s minds and extract insights.


User Insights

A detailed report including conclusions that we have gathered regarding user emotions, needs, wishes, fears and frustrations when interacting with your product.


Brand Localization

It’s been 12 years in China. With a local team and a reliable network of Chinese marketing experts, we will help your brand succeeding in the Chinese market. Together with our branding partner Batllegroup, we will connect your brand with your Chinese target. Naming, packaging, promotion materials or a booth. All you need to successfully promote your brand in China.


Brand for China

A localized brand to efficiently communicate your brand values to your Chinese target


Supplier’s Scouting

How many potentially successful projects fail at the manufacturing stage? How many ideas were never launched because they couldn’t be properly manufactured? As we say in Stimulo, if you want to avoid risks, stay close to the factory. Our creative approach, plus our senior engineers, are the perfect partners to ensure a safe trip throughout the manufacturing process.


Supplier’s Audit

The scouting includes identifying your potential suppliers in China, an audit report specifying their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and other relevant information for you to select the right partners. We also help you getting their quotations aligned with your standards, and accompany you through all the industrialisation process ensuring an efficient communications channel between you and your Chinese suppliers.




Let our multi-cultural team in Guangzhou connect your brand with the Chinese market.


  • Define your product strategy for China.
  • Brand localization for the Chinese market.
  • Taylor-made product design for the Chinese market.
  • Valuable information about the Chinese market.
  • Find out what your target in China is looking for.
  • Communications with your manufacturer.



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