Design is a key driven element in the health sector and more specifically in the field of medical technologies or medtech. One example is the startup Barcelona New Born Solutions, which has developed a device to detect childhood meningitis in three seconds and non-invasively. The company has developed a prototype that is placed on the babies’ heads and determines, through ultrasound, the concentration of white blood cells, which serves as an indicator of this dangerous infection. The firm plans to bring the product to market in 2020.

“Design has been an essential part in the development of our device,” says Javier Jiménez, Founder and CEO of New Born Solutions: on the one hand, so that there is a good coupling of the device to the skin of the baby and therefore can guarantee a reliable measure, and on the other hand to guarantee that the user has a predisposition to use the device and there is no rejection or lack of use on their part “. To develop the device, Barcelona startup has had an agency specializing in design and health: Stimulo.

“In Stimulo we take on each project as a challenge, an opportunity to apply design methodologies that make decision-making faster, especially in innovative projects that are still in their early stages, such as New Born Solutions,” says the industrial designer. Ramón Martínez, CEO of Stimulo.

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