Meet our team.

Yes, we have high-performance computers, comfortable furniture and comfortable and open office, blackboards with post-it and a wonderful kitchen with a high performance coffee machine. The real value of Stimulo has nothing to do with materials things but of who we are. Designers, innovation planners, Engineering and business developers makes our team a creative zoo but naturally balanced. They are, certainly, our most valuable asset.
Ellis Yu
Ellis YuProduction Engineering
Eddy Roca
Eddy RocaChina Business Developer
Joan Carles Sánchez
Joan Carles SánchezCreative Director
Marta Ferrés
Marta FerrésFinance
Miquel Pons
Miquel PonsEngineering Leader
Xavier Majoral
Xavier MajoralBusiness Developer and Designer
Ramon Martinez
Ramon MartinezStrategic Director