Guangzhou international lighting exhibition finished the 2014 edition with more than 2.600 exhibitors and more than 120 special events, seminars and forums related to the lighting industry. The exhibition is definitely becoming an excellent sourcing platform to meet face to face Chinese companies and build strong relationships in the LED dynamic business.

During the last editions, we are seeing how companies are working on the Lighting Control System in order to integrate a range of different products into a more efficient and sustainable system that offers all kind of solutions for urban spaces.

Customers around the world are under financial constraints and at the same time they are under pressure to meet environmental saving goals. And top Chinese manufacturers are offering a pretty nice range of options for energy saving, reduce maintenance cost and scalability for the future. AD Lighting ( got a lot of attention for its “Conductor” system from European and Chinese customers.

Light + Design’s series of events emphasized the significance of cooperation among all relevant parties in lighting design towards effective and efficient usage of lighting by bringing together planners, designers, manufacturers and installers. Both the international and domestic lighting design experts will be invited to share inspiration, ideas, experience with project case studies in different lighting applications such as hotels, museums, architecture, urban, landscape and many more.

Chinese Lighting Designer Association (CLDA), Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD) and The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) are coming up together to present the best lighting projects during 2013.

Since Stimulo collaborated in the AGORA seminar promoting Spanish lighting brands, we are sure that Spanish major players like Simon will play an important role in the Chinese market.

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