Once again, Berlin became for a few days the world capital of technology. And once again, Stimulo was there to observe the latest trends, innovations and surprises from the leading companies in the world. Did you miss IFA 2015? Check our 10 favorite innovations from this year’s edition:


1. Smarter IoT – SIEMENS

Products are becoming smarter and smarter. All the big companies came to Berlin to show their latest digital platforms to control, manage and monitor all their interconnected devices.

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 2

2. Double-decker washing machine – HAIER

Do you have an unexpected laundry need and you are rushing? This is your washing machine. Haier unveils a double drum washing machine which work completely independently that allows you to run two spin cycles simultaneously. The ideal product designed for those with no time for planning. By the way, we loved the digital interaction, which was extremely intuitive.

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 3

3. AirRevolve – VAX

Thanks to its design, this cylinder vacuum cleaner allows you to clean vertically or horizontally. Move freely around your apartment while you are cleaning, AirRevolve will follow your movements. A convenient and friendly user experience for one of the home-tasks that nobody likes to do.

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 4

4. Transparent steam iron – MOPRPHY RICHARDS

Transparent sole plate heated by nanotechnology! Morphy Richards reinvents ironing thanks to this new technology that allows you to see the clothes that you are ironing. Instead of generating steam, the steam iron works with a sprayer to humidify your clothes, which makes the product lighter and more eco-friendlier. Let’s see how the market accepts this product. If it succeeds, for sure will be an exceptional case study of radical innovation!

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 5

5. Neofrost Refrigerator – BEKO

The Turkish brand came to IFA 2015 to unveil its new innovative Neofrost refrigerator, which keeps food fresh for about two weeks!

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 6

6. Digital paper notebook – WACOM

Wacom unveils a new technology that allows you to sketch and draw directly on your paper notebook! Once your drawing is ready, just press one button to send it directly to your iPad! Enjoy the natural feeling of digital handwriting for only 160USD.

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 7

7. Cordless vacuum cleaner – LG

Unveiled during last year’s edition, this vacuum cleaner works without any cords. Thanks to its sensors, this revolutionary product watches the user movements and automatically follows at a constant distance using motorized wheels. A great design to offer a new powerful cleaning experience. You can wear it as well if you are a sporty user.

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 8

8. DIY Smart inventions – SONY

MESH is a smart DIY platform to make creation of “smart inventions” accessible for everyone. MESH is made up of two key elements: “MESH Canvas” and intuitive app that enables you to easily define tasks without complex coding and wireless “MESH Tags” with different functions.

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 9

9. Qrio Smart Lock – SONY

This device provides an easy and secure access to your home. You can share your keys to anyone, even for a specific date and time. It is easy to install on your existing lock.

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 10

 10. Ambilight TV – Philips

Philips unveiled in this 2015 IFA’s edition Ambilight TV. Ambilight creates light effects around the TV that correspond to the video content, resulting into a more immersive viewing experience.

IFA 2015 Design Trends Report 11