Affordable Versatility

Designing a versatile water dispenser.

Water Galaxy and stimulo partnered to design an affordable and versatile water dispenser able to house different sizes filters.

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Water Galaxy, a Hong Kong based company providing water filter system solutions for businesses and homes faced a tricky situation: since they bought water filters and casing from different suppliers, they all had different sizes and shapes. Very often, they lost business opportunities because their potential customers required filters and casings which couldn’t be matched. When stimulo and Water Galaxy started the project, the challenge was clear: designing a single case which could house different size filters and allow technicians to set the different configurations that each case required. By having this versatile case, Water Galaxy would never lose a potential client again.
 In addition to this, our partner wanted to reduce the tooling investment to the minimum, so that the product was affordable and competitive in the market. After evaluating several alternatives, our engineering and design team decided that designing reversible pieces would reduce the number of molds by half. By using only three reversible pieces, we solved this technical challenge in a cost-efficient way which Water Galaxy strongly valued. Our team in Guangzhou participated in the engineering process as well as in the tooling manufacturing, which substantially speeded up the project and made communications smoother.