Efficient Stairway

Making patients and health workers’ life safer.

Stimulo and Promeba collaborated to develop a new evacuation chair that had to be lighter, easier to use and cheaper than the existing competitors. By making use of our engineering design sense know-how, Stimulo and the client came up with an agile high-quality evacuation chair significantly cheaper than its competitors, which allowed Promeba to gain an important market share.

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The evacuation chair market is characterized by its low demand, which makes production series really expensive. When we first met Promeba and analyzed the Spanish market players, there was a US manufacturer selling a high-quality but really expensive product. The goal was clear: to create a high-quality evacuation chair with the same features but 50% cheaper than the market leader.
The first thing Stimulo did was to carry out an ergonomic study to find a way to make the product comfortable and safe, while agile and light. When we started the conceptualization of the product, the target was to create an easy to use device that allowed quick and safe removal of people in case of an emergency evacuation.
In order to make the product as light as possible, Stimulo used a collapsible tubular structure that allowed easy storage without reducing the stability of the chair.
After selecting the concept, stimulo focused its efforts on reducing the cost of the chair. Giving continuous support to Promeba’s technical department led to an improvement in the assembly process and material saving.
Stimulo also created high quality virtual images and designed the promotional material which Promeba used to sell the evacuation chair.



Reduced costs by 50%.


 “Stimulo did all the technical development; this is one of the advantages that PROMEBA highlights about working with Stimulo.
We shared the same 3D software so they knew how to optimize the design to streamline  production.” Miquel Manaut
Technical Director of Promeba.


Remarkable increase in product demand.