Family Matter

Giving Haier’s set of products a family look.

In order to increase brand recognition among consumers, Haier and Stimulo partnered to standardize the design language of a set of breakfast appliances.

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A common problem in China is unifying functions and qualities from different suppliers. When we were at Canton Fair talking to the design manager of Haier about the new range of products, he said: “Look at this breakfast set; it has the latest functions in the market and the quality is excellent but it lacks of a common design language which would make it easily recognizable as a family of products”. In order to unify the different appliances’ aesthetics into a single design language, stimulo designed a rounded rectangular control panel surrounded
by a blue LED framework which made the user interaction more intuitive. The blue color was applied in several parts of the different products in order to enhance the family links. Metal finishes together with smooth and simple shapes characterized the whole set of products. Our team in China worked close to Haier’s suppliers in order to make communications easier and accelerate the project pace. After finishing the project, Haier showed the new family of products in the first page of its 2013 catalogue.



 Standardized the design language of the family of products to increase brand recognition.


Created awareness and recognition among Canton Fair visitors in 2013.


The family was chosen to represent the company, appearing in the front page of Haier’s catalogue.