Safe Water Cooling

Revolutionizing the water cooling market

To revolutionize the water cooling market, Picsa came to stimulo with a new technology and patents that had to be transformed into a product.

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For over 40 years, the water cooler sector had evolved very little, never addressing the serious problem of sanitation. Companies had to assume high maintenance costs to avoid the risks of poisoning the consumer. But Picsa came up with an alternative that solved this problem: cooling down the water within its own packaging through a cold plate. Since the product had to be used in kitchens and offices, Stimulo designed a very compact product, which at the same time fitted perfectly in these different environments. By placing the bottle horizontally, Stimulo reduced the height of the cooler and managed to make it the shortest cooler in the market. This was a great advantage when selling it to the homecare sector. In order to link the product to the water industry, Stimulo used cold colours and smooth surfaces, which made cleaning it extremely easy.
An outstanding ventilation system was designed to highlight the image of power in the equipment. After the design was finished, we conducted a user reaction test among clients, sales people and suppliers. Picsa was happy to hear that respondents found the product really appealing. To speed up the development phase, Stimulo temporarily moved its engineering department to China, where all the technical development of the apparatus was carried out. After some adjustments, the design received final approval, and Stimulo started working on cost optimization. Stimulo designed the packaging and took care the of product communication. We issued press releases, designed the catalogues and the booth for trade fairs such as Alimentaria and London Avex.



Awarded 2nd place in London for the “Cooler Innovation Awards”.


“The degree of commitment and the willingness shown by Stimulo greatly exceeded our expectations. Stimulo is more than a simple supplier, it is now our partner.”

Juan Ramón Déniz.
Commercial Director, Picsa.