Shaping the balance

Transforming selling points into design.

After the success of Arzum OKKA, the Turkish home appliances brand and Stimulo partnered up again to design a steam iron for the Turkish market which had to communicate its selling points through its design.

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Arzum, one of the leading brands in the home appliances sector in Turkey, decided to work with Stimulo again to design a new steam iron. Arzum found that some of their steam irons had become obsolete, which resulted in a sales’ decline. Because of that, the Turkish company decided to update their designs. After finishing the market and user research, we identified some very clearly defined selling points: high power, perfect glide, maximum clothe-care, ease of use, comfort and safety. Given that most of the steam irons end up being purchased by the female public, we had to consider this element as well in the final design. The challenge was clear: ¿how could  we translate
these selling points into the steam iron design? In order to highlight the high power of the steam iron, we used compact and robust shapes. The design of new pictograms with a more powerful outlook also helped to emphasize the product performance. At the same time, the dynamic lines and the new design of the sole plate communicate an easy and safe glide, as well as some femininity. The separation of colors between the main body and the sole protector let the user know about hot parts of the steam iron. Finally, we added a soft rubber grip to the handle and to the heat adjustor to give the user a more comfortable and safe ironing experience.