Touching Up Barcelona

Changing the traffic light of Barcelona.

Tacse and Stimulo partnered to do the technical development of the new LED traffic light of Barcelona.

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In order to modernize the city facilities and catch up with the latest technologies, the Barcelona City Council decided to change its traffic light networking system. Tacse, the Spanish leader in the design and manufacturing of railway equipment, got the rights to produce the new LED traffic light. To meet timings, costs and regulation requirements, they came to Stimulo to make the full technical development of the traffic light. stimulo and Tacse faced two big challenges: turning the external geometry of Barcelona into a traffic light while meeting the manufacturing and costs requirements. The engineering team found a solution for a critical point: the structural strength of the traffic light modules. This issue was solved through an internal multi-column that met the regulatory and environmental requirements set by the Barcelona City Council.
Another critical issue of the development was the ability to customize and automate some processes, especially the ones using 3D and parametric software solutions. This made the decision-making process faster and clearer to all the team members. Given the high innovative materials requirements, Stimulo collaborated with AMADE (Center of Analysis of Advanced Material for Structural Design of Girona University). Two prototypes were made before making the final molds. The first helped us to validate the dimensions and proportions of the traffic light, while the second helped us to optimize the assembly sequence. In order to ensure a perfect result, stimulo supervised the production and the pilot run series. During these few years Stimulo has collaborated closely with Tacse in the management of innovation through new products.



From preliminary studies to production in less than a year.  


Product optimized for mass production according to the client productive means.


“Stimulo got integrated into our team sharing responsibility concerning the technical development.”

Augustí Tormo,
Manager, Tacse.