Design consultancy

Make your company grow.

10 years-long expertise into the Creative industry with our multidisciplinary team is a powerful combination which we use to make your business grow. Design consultancy emerges to think a long-term vision because we are not limited to a single project. We spend our time defining the future of your company by designing your portfolio. Usually include a product innovation package, Product design, Technical design and Consultancy services combined with a long-term program.


Design Managment

Work Project-by-project basis is great to solve design needs but usually our costumers move broader design services to achieve the complete design package. Working project-by-project, Stimulo becomes your external design department, offering you consultancy services.
This is particularly recommended for companies with a long term objectives and they want use design as a strategic tool to improve its portfolio.


Long-Term Design Plan

We offer a design diagnosis, design strategy and a long-term plan.
(un year / 3 years / 5 years)


Design language System

Design language system communicates company values to portfolio.
Design language system helps to communicate the Brand values increasing portfolio consistency and strengthens your brand recognition. It is a great instrument to brand building and helps ensure your costumers are remained faithful.


DLS Manual

Clear-cut tool with all significant design product guides, including not only the product appearance (shape, design style, materials, colors, finishes, graphic, ….etc) but also how it works. It is important have a consistent end-user experience with your products, beyond aesthetics.


Trend Spotting

Identify global trends helps understanding the new consumer and discover innovation opportunities.
Stimulo has two different ways to gather information: First step is in front the computer using the power of the internet, social network, monitoring of trends pages achieving value information about consumer`s behavior. And Second step is going out there to investigate by ourselves. We visit the most important fairs related with your business and talk with experts; the resulting is fresher and quality ideas.


Trend Rapport

It processes all the information turning into knowledge. We`ll show a visual presentation and easily understandable that will help you make informed strategic decisions and identifying innovation opportunities.



  • Design diagnose
  • Design Strategy.
  • Annual Plan.
  • Portfolio management.
  • DLS (Product Manual design).
  • Trends search.


  • Use design as a growth leverage to increase your company performance.
  • Stimulo becomes your external design department.

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