Product Design

Creating high impact products.

If your products are weak in the market, or if you would like to open new business opportunities, our product design service will take you from the past to the future. We exploit the multidisciplinary team advantage to fusion strategy, design thinking and engineering to provide company`s future prospects. We`ll survey the competition and advise a product designed for fascinating everyone.


Design Focus

We collect information provided and will review to discover new ideas and opportunities that will inspire design from a strategic perspective, taking in account the three main dimensions: users + technology + business.


Strategic design Debrief

Specific requirements for comprehensive documentation that product must be to succeed into a specific market, including the user needs and frustrations, technological limitations and branch strategy.

Design Lab

Design Lab is a very powerful creative tool to create exciting design proposals. Our funnel-like method allows us to explore the different routes, for conversion into design proposals and select those which embrace into your market strategy.


Strategic design Proposal

Design Lab methodology not only ensure that your target love your product, but also has to be line up with your brand and your business model. At this stage, 2D rendering and 3D models are delivered.

Definition ID

At this stage we take the design proposal chosen and transform up to a high impact refined design. The main objective is to impact consumers while ensuring requirements and costs established outlined in your design plan.


High impact Design

3D files with sophisticate surfaces, as well as CMF documentation and cosmetic prototype.

Thecnical approach

An excellent design is fantastic but technical viability is a key to ensure the launching the product onto the market. Even though our product design service may not focus on deepen engineering and production ( See Our Technical design Services), our engineers offer a technical dossier to ensure a viable and feasible product.


Technical dossier

The technical dossier contains operating principles, materials, manufacturing and assembly processes and rough estimation of the cost to give you a complete overview of your feasibility and viability product.




Smart designs, which connect emotionally with your target, using proven technologies and are cost –effective.


  • More competitive products.
  • More add value, more profit margin.
  • Increase brand value.
  • Portfolio consistency.
  • Consumer emotional bond.
  • Avoiding design patents.
  • New market opening.

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