Product Innovation

Identifying What’s Next.

Everybody wants to innovate, and there is a lot of talk about innovation.  We stopped talking about it and started doing it. After years of developing new products, Stimulo has designed its own innovation process based on deep research and a Creative Lab to generate, evolve, and mature the best possible ideas.


Understanding the Challenge

Throughout this phase we will listen to you, gather relevant know-how among our team members, and set the design challenge to define the workframe. Framing the project allows us to focus, so it is important to choose a challenge which is big enough to foster creativity and wide exploration, but specific enough to stay on track.


Design Challenge Briefing

The design challenge will be defined in a single sentence, and the project goals will be fixed together with the timings, team members, and monitoring tools.


Design Research

It is not possible to find solutions if we don’t know the problems. Design Research gets us underwater to actually live with our clients and discover how people behave, what they say and what they don’t. Only by conducting deep investigations can we understand the users we need to satisfy, which technologies can add value to your products, and how to best enhance your business model to make your propositions more competitive. These insights are our raw materials to deliver desirable, feasible and workable concepts.



Doing research allow us to discover latent or unsolved needs and frustrations, draw a matrix of technologies and identify innovation opportunities.


Innovation Lab

Dual Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling said:
“The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of ideas.”
At Stimulo we fully agree with Mr Pauling. There is a real need for creativity, but we modestly add a couple of ingredients to the recipe. Our Innovation Lab includes tools to generate ideas internally and cocreation sessions with clients, consumers, and stakeholders to get everyone involved. And that’s only the beginning, because we later evolve these ideas, polish them and enrich them in what we call the creation funnel, until we get the best possible concepts. Stimulo actually acts as a catalyst to generate ideas which are co-created with you, the users and Stimulo.


Innovative Concepts

The best concepts will be illustrated and evaluated by consumers.
An innovation pipeline including a product development plan is delivered.
Design briefings for entering into product design process.


Technical Concept

Many ideas start with a big technical question which must be solved before forging ahead.
Together with our network of expert partners we will investigate whether the challenge is feasible, and will prove it by using construction principles and black box prototypes. And only when we are sure of it’s feasibility will we move into the design process.


Technical Feasibility Report

Including a technical construction principle and, in case the solution needs to be tested, a 1:1 mechanical black box prototype.




Ground-breaking concepts aligned
with the Design Thinking philosophy:
Desirable, Feasible and Viable.


  • New business opportunities.
  • Launch something truly new
  • Better knowledge about my consumers.
  • Knowledge is the foundation for future innovations.
  • Position your company as innovative
  • Build brand value
  • Increase credibility — loyalty.



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