Just by taking a look at IFA’s map, visitors can easily guess which companies are currently leading the electronics’ market. Among them, the Korean giant Samsung giving a clear message: an entire pavilion separated from the rest. Other firms like Siemens, Bosch, AEG, Miele, Beko, Philips, LG or Sony had also large exhibition areas in strategic locations.

As we walked in the fair, we confirmed what we were guessing before. Big booths with coherent designs aligned with the brand values; perfect finishes and details together with excellent performances to catch visitors’ attention.

Some innovative products presented during this edition will clearly set the trend for the coming months: curved high resolution screens, remote-controlled washing machines or small devices to watch the kids. It’s important to highlight the presence of neutral colors in most of the brands.

IFA keeps showing the high competition among leading brands. Brands have achieved such an excellent level in the manufacturing of electronic devices and SDA. Great finishes, perfect details and the user as the center of the innovation.

For 2015 plenty of new products will come to make our life easier.