stimulo gives a Product design workshop. The synergy between branding & product design. New products are essential when talking about market growth. Nowadays the connection between product design creation and its Brand image is crucial when innovating. How can we inspire, motivate and connect with the consumer when creating a new product.

In this scenario, we wonder… Is it possible to improve society through design?Ravi Naidoo is certain, and will be in charge of explaining it to the public attending the conference which will kick off the 12th Barcelona Design Week.

The auditorium doors of the Disseny Hub Barcelona will open on 6 June at 17.30 hours, when the first BDW attendees will see in person the founder and Managing Director of Interactive Africa, a media and project management company based in Cape Town and known, among other things, for being responsible for the mission which took the first African into space.

Ravi Naidoo believes in a better world through creativity across professions and disciplines. During his presentation, ‘Design for a Better World: Betting the Farm on Africa’s Creative Futures’, Ravi Naidoo will talk to us about the transformation of society through creativity with the aim of achieving a better world, and he will do so from his experience as the creator of Design Indaba, one of the world’s most important design institutions, which has a flagship conference of recognized international prestige, the Do Tank platform and an acclaimed publication.

See you at the inaugural conference on 6 June.

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